Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Challenging Social Media Project

Helping Those Who Can't Help Themselves
I have been hired by a dual-language nonprofit in Holyoke to provide remote IT support for members and social media updates to their various profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  They started paying me cash in bits and pieces because they couldn't afford my regular fee.  Because of their nonprofit status and the work they do in the area, I decided to help out in whatever way I could.  In fact, the first week's work was gratis.  Now they pay me an hourly wage, still not my regular fee, but it's something.  But to me, it doesn't even matter what they pay me.  These people are literally angels on earth, if you believe that sort of thing. 

Families in Western MA close to homelessness
I can't divulge any information about the company due to a contract I signed, but I can tell you about what they do.  They are primarily a Spanish-speaking group that works with individuals who are down and out.  These are people on the edge of homelessness, who, for no fault of their own, do not have the wherewithal to save themselves or their children.  Whether it be due to lack of education, lack of understanding of English (and therefor can't read even simple instructions), lack of understanding available resources, and in some cases, lack of legal immigration status, these people are ripe for abuse by the local "authorities", scammers and drug dealers.  This group hears about these people by their outreach in the community, goes in, talks to them in their own language, finding out what their immediate needs are.  And through working with them, they figure out what their long term needs are (ESL classes, Green Card application assistance, Social Security application, SNAP benefits, etc), and get them on the path to health and prosperity.  They work closely with the medical community, the legal community, many of these people also volunteering their time and expertise.  Their endgame is to get these people into affordable housing and on the path to health and happiness

Home Is Where Your Family Is Healthy
I'm honored to be included in this righteous effort.

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