Friday, September 28, 2018

On Branding and New Products from Holyoke

A company in Holyoke hired me recently to design a website and develop a marketing plan.  The company doesn't have any money to pay me my fee or regular wages, so we worked out a deal where I get a a percentage of the profits once the business starts making money.

The challenge of developing a brand is a difficult one.  In order for someone to recognize something, they have to see it a minimum of ten (10) times, and in order for them to interact with it, they have to see it one hundred (100) times.  This is why companies put their logo on every part of a product, marketing literature, website, social media. 

Mando Mo Strings
This new client is called Mando Mo Strings.  They import acoustic stringed instruments from China.  The company was started about 2 years ago when Al the owner was doing some research into buying guitars.  He was playing guitar at the time.  Because of his interest in bluegrass and country music, he got into mandolins soon after that and hired me to teach him how to play mandolin.  We got to talking and I discovered he had all these mandolins and guitars laying around in his house.  He hadn't sold any of them and his wife was threatening to divorce him.  I suggested a few ways to market them.  One thing led to another, and now I'm building the brand for the company. 

Since I started, several things have happened.  Al created a business, filed the information with the sate and the city of Holyoke, and opened a bank account.  Meanwhile, I designed a website, created a Facebook page and other social media profiles.  We've had a few sales!  And while that's good, it's not the purpose of the brand building exercise.  My goal is to increase awareness of the brand by 100% over the next six months.  If we get a few sales in the process that is fine.

So far, so good.

I have a lot of experience building brands for companies.  In 1993, I helped Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics build their brand.  In 1998, I was hired by Herbs for Kids to build their brand, Wise Ways Herbals in '99.  Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music that same year, and since then, I've worked on literally hundreds of products and brands primarily in the natural and music industries.

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