Monday, October 8, 2018

I import horse hair tail for making bows

Adam Sweet's Horse Tail Hair For Bows

visually sorting
I buy my tail hair from a slaughterhouse in Harbin, China.  The animals are from Mongolia and Siberia.  They come across the border in cattle cars and are processed in one location.  I arrange to have them shipped to a workshop in Anping, where they are drawn, sorted, and packed for me in small batches of no more than 5 kilos at a time.  All of my tail hair is triple drawn and visually sorted.  The sorting process is meticulous.  I have personally visited this workshop several times over the last 18 years to ensure the quality stays the same.  I have not had a single bundle of hair returned since 1999.  More pics on my facebook page here

I provide free shipping in the Continental US, and whatever the rate is for DHL Express everywhere else.  I take PayPal.
  • Natural White: triple drawn, visually sorted - high quality unbleached white.  Perfect for most bows.
  • Mixed White & Brown: (sometimes called Fiddler's hair) triple drawn, visually sorted.  Best for cello and carbon fiber bows for fiddlers.
  • Black: triple drawn, visually sorted.  Best for baroque and bass bows.

Message me for pricing.  Due to fluctuations in the market and Trump's tariffs, prices change frequently.

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