Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Webdesign Client: Berkshire Batteria

In 1999, I flew to Egypt with my musical partner, Brian Bender, to perform Irish and Klezmer music at the Great Pyramids in Cairo.  There, I met Jim Weber, a fine musician and percussionist.  On the airplane back, he asked me to design a website for one of his projects, the Berkshire Bateria, he wanted to call it "Sambaland". is the website.

Berkshire Bateria
THE BERKSHIRE BATERIA is a lively troupe of musicians who perform hot samba rhythms on traditional Brazilian percussive instruments. To learn more about our percussion wing, The Berkshire Bateria, CLICK HERE

"JOY OF SAMBA WORKSHOP" explores the magic of traditional Batucada, the street samba of carnival in Brazil. Participants will be exposed to performing on traditional Brazilian instruments and will have a chance to work with pandeiru, ganza, surdo, agogo, tamborim, cuica an berimbau. If you're interested in hearing more about our Joy of Samba Percussion Workshops, please contact us.

SAMBALAND was founded in 1994 by Teri and Jim Weber. Their mission is to provide authentic Brazilian music to the Berkshires and beyond with Bossa Triba, The Berkshire Bateria, and Joy of Samba Percussion Workshops.

Jim Weber is a master percussionist and leader of The Berkshire Bateria.  His studies of Brazilian music brought him to the Drummers Collective of Manhattan, (Duduka Du Fonseca, and Bobby Sanabria), The Brazilian Cultural Center of New England, (Deraldo Ferreira) Manhattan Samba (Ivo Arujo) and each year travels to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil to continue his work.

Teri Weber, Leader and vocalist of Bossa Triba, enkindles the spirit of Brazil in her smooth and elegant vocal style. Teri is a vocalist, dancer, and percussionist, having studied from masters of Brazilian music and dance in both the United States and Brazil. Her studies of Jazz and Samba over two decades authenticate her sensual interpretation of Bossa Nova.    

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