Adam Sweet's Horse Tail Hair For Bows

visually sorting
I buy my tail hair from a slaughterhouse in Harbin, China.  The animals are from Mongolia and Siberia.  They come across the border in cattle cars and are processed in one location.  I arrange to have them shipped to a workshop in Anping, where they are drawn, sorted, and packed for me in small batches of no more than 5 kilos at a time.  All of my tail hair is triple drawn and visually sorted.  The sorting process is meticulous.  I have personally visited this workshop several times over the last 18 years to ensure the quality stays the same.  I have not had a single bundle of hair returned since 1999.  More pics on my facebook page hereHere's a post about how horse tail hair is processed for bows.

I provide free shipping in the Continental US, and whatever the rate is for DHL Express everywhere else.  I take PayPal.
  • Natural White: triple drawn, visually sorted - high quality unbleached white.  Perfect for most bows.
  • Mixed White & Brown: (sometimes called Fiddler's hair) triple drawn, visually sorted.  Best for cello and carbon fiber bows for fiddlers.
  • Black: triple drawn, visually sorted.  Best for baroque and bass bows.

Message me for pricing.  Due to fluctuations in the market and Trump's tariffs, prices change frequently.

Adam Sweet's Mandolins, Violins and Guitars

Auditorium Guitar
Since 1986, I have been renting and selling mandolins, violins and guitars to students and others in the Pioneer Valley of western Mass.  I stock only hand-made instruments.  All of my wooden instruments are constructed with air-dried tonewood.  If you want to know why, I did a blog post about it a while back.  Here's a link.  Most of the instruments I stock are made in China at various factories and workshops.  I have toured every one of these locations.  I know the managers personally, have eaten with them at their houses in some cases.  I know their families.  I also carry semi-acoustic violins from Australia, large-bodied Irish bouzoukis from Germany and mandocellos from Vietnam.
  • Violins: I stock full size violins that come with a case and a bow.  Please ask for pricing.
  • Mandolins: I stock F5 and Astyle mandolins in a variety of prices and finishes.  Please ask.
  • Guitars: I stock Dreadnaught, Concert, Auditorium and Tenor styles in a variety of prices and finishes.  Please ask.
  • Bouzoukis / Octave Mandolins: My bouzoukis are made for me in Germany.  Please ask for information.
  • Mandocellos: I have been importing mandocellos made in Vietnam because of price point issues.  These are real mandocellos and not converted guitars or octave mandolins.  Ask for pricing and info.

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