Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Exodus Community

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Many governments are trying to implement “social distancing” at the local transmission stage to reduce the severity of the mass outbreak. This means keeping at least 6 feet (2 metres) between you and others, as well as limiting your community exposure.

Social distancing will be the new way of living. We will have everything delivered, we will spray down and clean everything before it comes into the house, we will develop online communities for helping each other out for providing jobs and income we will develop new ways of participating and assisting. People who can grow food in season will grow food and provide it as needed. People who can build and maintain apps and communication software will do that. People who can go out and pick up what's needed and deliver it will be very important.

I have started a social distancing community I'm calling the Exodus Community.  It's not an original name, I learned about the concept on Twitter from someone I'm following, a genius named Danielle Fong.  EC's will develop as social distancing becomes more and more common, to share, assist, work, deliver, provide health support, and develop new services and technologies.  Learn more about the community here. 

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID19) is here to stay.  There is no vaccine for it (yet) and no cure.  Hospitals in affected areas are overwhelmed.  People are being infected at an alarming rate.  Colleges and schools across the nation are closing, including our local ones: Harvard, Amherst College, Smith College.  I'm waiting for UMass Amherst and Hampshire to close as I know they will soon enough.  The only way to prevent infection is to stay away from people, or "social distancing".  But life will  have to go on of course.  Kids will still "go to school" online using various online tools and websites.  Food and services will still be needed, but delivery services will need to adapt and protect themselves using universal precautions and protocols as set out by the FDA and CDC.  Local farmers and purveyors can provide co-operatives with sources of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy.  These delivery services will become experts in transporting products from the production areas to co-ops, where people will divide them up and set them out in disinfected containers for pickup by community volunteers or delivery services.

It's only the beginning.  I expect to stay positive and keep engaging.  Life is great and will continue to be so as long as we help each other!