Contact Me

Snail Mail:

Adam Sweet
117 Amherst St
Granby, MA 01033 USA

I teach out of my home in Granby, MA.  Amherst St is a busy avenue and even though the speed limit is 35, people go as fast as 50 without paying attention.  My advice is to back into the driveway so that you can pull out with good visibility.  You can also park behind my car (Black Honda) and turn around in the driveway.  Never back out into the street as you might get hit by a hullabaloo! (Arthur Ransome).

I teach Monday - Friday mornings 9am until noon.  Evening hours are in high demand and currently are full.  Click this link to check my calendar for any evening availability.  Generally, I teach Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5-9pm.

I play with several bands and ensembles (click here for a link to my SoundCloud page) and can provide you with recordings and video should you be interested in hiring one of them for an event.  Categories include Bluegrass, Celtic, Classical and Klezmer.